Possible Causes and Solutions of QuickBooks Error -6000, -77

For all the errors and issues that have been associated with QuickBooks, there are specific sets of troubleshooting methods designed. Although there aren’t a lot of error codes and glitches while accessing QuickBooks, the ones that have, are provided with the most appropriate solution. One such error code is -6000, -77. Just like most of the other error codes, this error code also occurs while the users try to access the company file, the error prohibits them from accessing it.

The Error Prompt: “We are sorry. QuickBooks encountered a problem. Error Codes: -6000, -77.”

Quick Fixes : There are two ways with which this error code can be fixed.

  • • Re-launch the QuickBooks Desktop with higher permissions might resolve the error. Right-click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon on the desktop and select “ Run as Administrator”
  • • You can also try copying the company file locally if it is saved on an external drive.

However, if these quick error rectifications cannot get the error rectified then users can try the following solutions which can be effective in resolving the issues.


Install & Run QuickBooks File Doctor :For many issues and errors in QuickBooks, it has been advised to install and run QuickBooks File Doctor. QuickBooks File Doctor which was also known as Connection Diagnostic Tool earlier is a tool which helps in resolving most of the issues with the company file corruption and common networking. In the versions after the QuickBooks 2015, QuickBooks File Doctor is inbuilt. However, if the users do not have the File Doctor installed on their computers, then follow up. We have provided the ways with which users can install and run the file doctor completely.

QuickBooks File Doctor Helps in:

  • • When the company file doesn’t open and there are any of the following error codes: -6000 -82, -6150, -6000 -305, -6147, -6000 -301, or -6130.
  • • When there is an H101, H303, H202, or H505 code. In this, the error can occur while opening the QuickBooks company file over network or there might be multi-user setup issues.
  • • The company file gets damaged and doesn’t open but sample company file can be accessed.
  • • Blank or missing lists of customers, employees, and vendors.

How to use File Doctor? : Firstly, the users need to be sure of what version of QuickBooks are they using. If it is 2016 and later version, then as we have mentioned it earlier that there is going to be an inbuilt version of QuickBooks File doctor. Another thing which the users need to keep in mind is that QuickBooks File Doctor works only for Windows in QuickBooks Desktop. This is not compatible with QuickBooks for Mac.

After Downloading:

  • 1. After the QuickBooks File doctor download is complete, double-click on the qbfd.exe and then follow the screen prompts to install QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • 2. After installing, Quickbooks File Doctor gets opened instantly. If the users don’t see it getting opened, then the users can look for green wrench option in the Windows taskbar.
  • 3. Using drop down list, find the company file. If the users are unable to find the company file in drop down list, choose browse and then locate it manually in order to continue.
  • 4. Select any one option:

    a) Network Connectivity Only: If the users are using the QuickBooks in the multiuser setup and face an H202, H303, or H505 error when they try to access the company file in multiuser mode.

    b) File and Network Damage Connectivity: for the users having a doubt that their company file is damaged or there is an error of the 6000 series.

  • 5. When directed, enter Admin password for company file, then select next.
  • 6. After this, users will be directed to select either Workstation or Host/Server It has been advised to select the option that is correct. When the company file is not physically stored on the current computer and is not being hosted from the current computer then the users must select the Workstation option. If the users are running the file doctor from the server computer then they need to select Server. Another thing which the users need to understand is that if they are the sole QuickBooks user and if they use the application on just one computer, then also the users are requested to pick the Server option.
  • 7. If the users are directed to share the company file then:

    No: If the users are running the File Doctor on a computer which is not hosting the QuickBooks Company file (i.e. Workstation).

    Yes: If the users are running the File Doctor on computer that is hosting the company file (only select this if users are using File Doctor on the server computer or the host computer).

  • 8. Wait till File Doctor is done with the diagnosis. Users should note that if they are using the data damage and network connectivity, they are required to wait until the File doctor is done. Depending on the file size and on the basis of network or local hosting, the diagnosis might take some time. Also, the network mode doesn’t take any more than one minute.
  • After the File Doctor is done with diagnosis, then users are requested to close the tool. Irrespective of results on the screen, users must try to open their QuickBooks file once again to check whether the issue is rectified or not.

Rename the .ND File & .TLG Files

.TLG and .ND Files are the configuration files which allow the QuickBooks Desktop to have an access to the company files either in a multi-user mode or the network mode. Damaged or corrupted .TLG and .ND files can eventually lead to some errors while opening the QuickBooks desktop. If the users try to rename these files, there will be no data loss. In fact, these files will be automatically recreated once you open the company file. Follow the given steps to carry out procedure:

  • 1. Open folder containing the company file. The default location of your company file is the C drive.
  • 2. Find those files which have the same file name as that of your company file but are having a different extension.
  • 3. Right-click on the files and then select Rename. You can add the word ‘.old’ in the file extension and then press Enter.

UNC Path Rather Than Mapped Drive

  • 1. Right-click on QuickBooks Icons on the desktop. Hold Ctrl key and select the Run as Administrator. Keep holding the Ctrl key as long as you do not see the No Company Open Window. It is significant to keep holding the Ctrl key as it prevents the QuickBooks desktop from auto-opening the company file.
  • 2. From File menu, select Restore or Open Company and then Next
  • 3. Click on Network and then navigate to the current company file location. If the users are unable to locate the company file then they might need to set the folder permissions.
  • 4. Select company file and then click on Open.

Configure the Firewall and Security Software

There is an occurrence of few errors and the possible reason for it might be that the internet access required for particular QB programs or files is being blocked by the firewall. To avert all such issues, it is advised to update to the latest firewall and updating it might resolve all errors occurring due to this.

Configure Antivirus and Firewall Settings: If the users run QB file doctor, firewall ports are opened automatically. This tool is mostly utilized for configuring the Windows firewall.

Manually Configure Ports and Exceptions to Firewall: For Windows 10, 8, 7, Server 2012 and the Server 20018

  • 1. Select the Start menu and then enter Firewall
  • 2. Select the Windows Firewall
  • 3. On right-hand side, select the Advanced settings
  • 4. Right click on the Inbound Rules and then select the New Rule option
  • 5. Select the Port and then go on to Next
  • 6. Make sure that TCP is chosen and then type the specific ports which are needed for the respective QB year version
  • 7. Select Next and ensure that the Allow the connection is selected and then press Next
  • 8. If directed, ensure that all the profiles have been marked and then press Select
  • 9. Give a name to the rule and when done, select Finish
  • Now, try to open QuickBooks in the multi-user mode or over network to check if the issue is resolved or not.

If users are still encountering some errors or problems with the connectivity, they can try to make exceptions to programs QuickBooks use in the Windows Firewall. Proceed to perform the given steps.

  • 1. Select Start and enter word firewall.
  • 2. Select the Windows Firewall
  • 3. On right-hand side, select the option Advanced Settings.
  • 4. Right-click on Inbound Rules and select the New Rule option.
  • 5. Select on Program and then Next
  • 6. Select This Program Path, and select Browse.
  • 7. Make sure to select Allow the Connection, then again select Next.
  • 8. If directed, ensure all profiles have been marked, then click on Next.
  • 9. Give a name to the rule, then click on Finish.
  • 10. Repeat the same steps as above for Outbound Rules
  • 11. Try to open QuickBooks Desktop once again over your network or in the multi-user mode to check if the error is resolved.

Server 2003

  • 1. Click on Start and select Control Panel.
  • 2. Double-click on Firewall.
  • 3. Choose Exceptions.
  • 4. Select the option of Add Port.
  • 5. Make sure that TCP is selected and then type specific ports required for respective QuickBooks year version: (if the users have installed, or are going to use multiple year versions of QuickBooks Desktop, then they will need to add port of each year as well in the given format: 8019, XXXXX, XXXXX, XXXXX, XXXXX).
  • 6. Select OK when done.
  • 7. Try to open the QuickBooks Desktop again in the multi-user mode or over network to check if the error is resolved or not.

Configure 3rd Party Firewall or Antivirus Programs : Perform the given only if the configuring the Windows Firewall doesn’t help in resolving the issue. Because of vast number of the firewall programs and the forever-changing versions, Intuit is now unable to provide any further configuration steps. Refer to the software's documentation or software publisher’s web portal for support. Intuit doesn’t support/maintain steps for the multiple internet security programs in the market today. In most of the cases, users should be fine by just adding ports above the Windows Firewall.

Recreating Damaged Folder

  • 1. Open folder where your company file has been saved.
  • 2. Locate .qbw file.
  • 3. Right-click on .qbw file and then select Copy
  • 4. Open new folder, and then paste that file.
  • 5. To share the company files, it is significant to set Windows access permissions.
  • 6. Now, open the QuickBooks Desktop and then open file from the current location
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