QuickBooks Error Code 1904 Causes and Possible Solution

QuickBooks Error Code 1904 one of the top errors in QuickBooks. This error occurs when a system files missing or file improper locations. Some other reasons to show Quickbooks error code 1904 message like new OS installed on the computer, Quickbooks installer file not working properly, Block by security software and other reasons.

If you see a message about "Error 1904, Please follow the given steps and fix QuickBooks error 1904.

  • Step 1: Check issues with QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool - Install It
  • A. First, you can check your system window updation, if OS has updated, please install Quickbooks diagnostic tool and run it. With the help of a diagnostic tool, you can fix error 1904. Otherwise please skip this step.
  • B. If Error 1904 is not fixed, Follow to Next Step.
  • Step 2: Check Windows Components Manually and Fix
  • A. If an error did not fix through the first step, you can check your system and repair windows components from professional IT persons or experts. Also, get help from Microsoft technical support team and repair Microsoft MSXML.
  • B. If Quickbooks is working, its good but still see the same problem now, Please follow to next step.
  • Step 3: Update Your Windows Account Settings Information
  • A. Step to change Windows Administrator Account Setting:-
  • B. Open your computer and click on the Windows Start Menu.
  • C. Enter CMD on the windows search and click the enter button.
  • D. CMD Run on your screen
  • E. Write “net user administrator /active: yes”  and click enter.
  • F. When the command is complete, please close the CMD window and sign out i
  • G. Select the account that says Administrator and sign in. You won't need a password.
  • H. Check Your User Permissions and Change
  • I. Windows Start Menu Open
  • J. Write on the search option “File Explorer” and open File Explorer.
  • K. Find out C:\Program Files\Common Files.
  • L. Right-click the Common Files folder, and then select Properties.
  • M. Open the Security tab and go to Edit.
  • N. Group or user names open this section and select Users.
  • O. Go to the “Permissions for Users” section and turn on the permissions part: Modify, Read & execute, List folder contents, Read, Write.
  • P. Click Apply and then OK.
Procedure to Fix quickbooks Error Code 1904

Follow on the above option, make sure your problem will be fixed. In case If you still see phase same QuickBooks Error 1904, Please contact to an IT professional. May be other issues with your computer.

How To Fix QuickBooks Error Code 1904

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