Possible Causes and Solutions of Error Code -6177, 0

QuickBooks is one of the most significant business accounting programs that is largely being used by majority of business owners. The user-friendly interface of the application lets business owners to manage and maintain accounts properly. However, the features and services of QuickBooks are unmatchable but there are a few errors that are associated with the applications. With appropriate troubleshooting tips, it is easier to get through with the errors and one such error is Error code -6177. Sometimes, while accessing the QuickBooks company file, an error code appears with a text prompt saying “QuickBooks is attempting to open this Company file. Before you can open the company file from your computer you must first open the company file on the computer where the company file is located. (-6177, 0)”. We have provided the users with the most appropriate set of solutions for the error code -6177, 0. Before users go through with all the steps and methods mentioned below, here is one thing which they must keep in their mind and that is to have the QuickBooks desktop up to date. There are a number of issues and errors which occur just because the users are using an earlier version of the application. It has always been recommended to use the most recent version of QuickBooks. If the users do not have the current version of the application, then they are requested to upgrade to the latest version of QuickBooks. If the users are having the most recent version of QuickBooks then they can proceed with the following procedures.

Try Moving the Company File to Local Hard Drive

The first and foremost thing which the users must do is to move the company file on to the local hard drive. For this, they can follow the given steps:

  • • Step 1: Move the company file from server to local C drive
  • • Step 2: Open the company file in QuickBooks from the current location that is the C drive.
  • • Step 3: Create another portable file and save the file in the C drive.
  • • Step 4: Now, Close the file.
  • • Step 5: Restore the file (portable) from the C drive and then save it on to the server.
  • • Step 6: Open the company file now, from the server.

This is one of the most effective solutions in order to retrieve the path for the company file to open. However, it is directed to follow all the steps correctly and in appropriate order. If the problem still persists and the users are still encountering the Error code -6177, 0 then they must move towards the second solution.

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The File Doctor: This is one solution to most of the errors and problems that happen with QuickBooks. The users are required to install QuickBooks file doctor and run it. Downloading QuickBooks is really easy and after the users successfully install and run it, the issue is fixed automatically. Whether it about fixing the company file or when it is about the network, mostly all the issues are rectified using the QuickBooks file doctor. Running the QuickBooks file doctor is easy. The error gets rectified conveniently after running the file doctor. But if the issue still persists then the users can proceed to the next solution in order to get through the error code -6177, 0.

Manually Resolve the Error Without using QuickBooks File Doctor

Sometimes, it might happen that the QuickBooks File Doctor is unable to run properly. In this case, the users need to manually solve the error code without taking the help of the File Doctor. Follow the given procedure to manually solve the error code -6177, 0.

• Method 1: Go to the system which stores the company files and close the QuickBooks desktop. Delete the .ND file (network descriptor). Users must know that this file is automatically created by QuickBooks desktop.

1. To delete the Network Descriptor file, the users need to first open the folder which has company file stored in it. After navigating to this folder, the users are requested to find the file with the .ND extension.

2. Right click on the .ND file and select Delete.

• Method 2: Configuring the QB database manager

1. Click the Start button and then choose Programs. After opening it, select the application QuickBooks and then open QuickBooks database manager.

2. Click on the Add folder option

3. Find the QuickBooks desktop company file folder and then click on Ok

4. Click on the Scan option. After the scanning is complete, click on close

• Method 3: Check the Permission for Company Access in Windows

1. Go to the Set up folder permissions in order to share the web page of company files

2. Check if the permissions are set up properly.

Also, do check if the full version of application is installed on your system or not. This might also happen because of the incomplete installation of application on the server.

The users can also try to switch the hosting off or on. For that, users can follow the given steps:

• Step 1: Open the QuickBooks desktop

• Step 2: Choose the File and open utilities. Stop the Hosting Multiuser Access and confirm the option of Yes

• Step 3: if the hosting is off, then the users can redo the above two steps and then confirm to Hosting Multiuser access.

• Step 4: open the file by visiting the Open or restore company

Open Company file through a Local path : Company files when opened on the computer which is the hosting computer through any mapped drive might cause the error -6177, 0 to occur.

• On keyboard, press Windows key +E to open Computer window.

• If company file folder appears in the Network Devices or Network Locations then right-click on the folder and then select Properties.

• If you see the Network Drive as the Type, then this is a mapped drive

• Open company file through local drive.

Create New Folder

• On server keyboard, press the Windows+E to open Computer window.

• Double-click on C drive.

• Create new folder:

• For Windows 10 and 8: Click Home which is at the top, then open New Folder.

• For Windows 7 or Vista: Click on the New Folder button, again at the top

• Open original data folder and then copy or move company file(s) with all the component files to new folder.

• Reopen QuickBooks Desktop and then open company file from new folder.

• Open the file on computer where the error message was displayed.

We have tried providing all the possible error rectification steps here. If the users are still not able to troubleshoot the error on their own by following all the above listed procedures, then they must contact the QuickBooks support phone number for the respective help.

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