QuickBooks Error Code 3371 Causes and Possible Solution

how to Fixed QuickBooks Error Code 3371

Have you ever thought why in the world you would require a technical support number for anything, let alone QuickBooks? You might have. It is a very logical thing to think about and wonder. In today’s world, the market trend is to outreach the target audience and make a brand image that stays. However, in the case of QuickBooks, it is completely the opposite. Accounting and financial services are the need of the hour. Businesses are expanding at an exponential rate and so are the finances. Gone are the days when business used to deal in 6 figures and it was considered a feat. Today, businesses are booming regardless of the market and this calls for a reliable and dependable accounting tool that can replace manual accounting take over the whole bookkeeping process. Businesses need a software like QuickBooks that can multi-task and handle all operations regarding accounting. Now, this is a bit tricky. In the above-mentioned scenario, it is obvious that the customer base would be huge for such a company. On top of that, a complex software such as QuickBooks will obviously have some issue or the other. It is only natural that a technically advanced tool will have certain issues that may arise at any point in time. There is no surprise here. No software is fail-proof and every software ever created faces technical errors and glitches. These errors are called ‘QuickBooks Errors’ and have been assigned various codes in order to classify them. You cannot leave accounting behind in the equation and the same thing goes for the hurdles that come along with it. An error would simply mean that operations would stop and work would not progress. As a business, you would certainly not want that to happen. That is exactly why QuickBooks technical support is there in the first place. One of these QuickBooks errors that bother businesses is the QuickBooks Error 3371. Further details about this error are mentioned below. Have a look.

QuickBooks Error 3371

The QuickBooks software works in a way that it makes it absolutely compulsory to have the license data stored in the computer’s hard drive. Now, you need to understand that the license data is there for a reason. It allows the software to verify the authenticity and eventually boot. If this license information gets damaged, shifted, or corrupt, the QuickBooks software will not boot and operate. Thus, the QuickBooks Error 3371 refers to the issue where the company’s license data is corrupt, misplaced, damaged, or simply not present.

These files are the main causes of this error –

  • Qbregistration.dat – This is the data file that consists of your product license information. The software basically uses this as a key to run the software on your system. In case this data file is damaged, the software will fail to boot and start. The other reason for this file missing is that if it is shifted to some other location or if it has been corrupted.
  • MSXML component damaged – the MSXML is a very important component that is provided by Microsoft itself. It is an essential data file that is required by the QuickBooks software in order to run on the designated system. In case this file gets damaged, the QuickBooks software will simply cease to boot and run on the designated system. The other reason why the file may not be working is that if it was shifted to some other location other than the original one or if it was corrupted. The end result in all the above-mentioned scenarios is the same and that is the QuickBooks software will not start and will not function the way it is supposed to be. Even if it manages to run, it will not run at its full potential. These causes combined lead to the QuickBooks error 3371. Take the following path to trace Entitlement DataStore.ecml file: “C: Documents and Settings
Procedure to Fix quickbooks Error Code 3371

The Solution? The answer to this query is very simple. Despite every other solution in the book, the easiest of them all till date is to simply pick up the phone and call the QuickBooks customer support phone number. The number will grant you access to the best and the most advanced team out there ready to resolve any given issue regarding the QuickBooks software.

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